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Welcome to our test-taking platform designed exclusively for GATE CSE aspirants who are studying in RGUKT.Our website offers a comprehensive array of features and resources to support your exam preparation journey. Here's a concise description of our platform

Our website is a dedicated test-taking platform tailored for GATE CSE aspirants. Here, you will find a wealth of practice tests, mock tests, live tests, expert guidance, insightful tips, tricks and many more.We pride ourselves on providing a one-stop solution that covers a vast GATE-CS question bank spanning from 1987 to 2023, ensuring extensive coverage of the exam's history.


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Unlock the power of 2000+ questions:Expand your Computer Science knowledge



Unlock the power of 2000+ questions:Expand your Mathematics knowledge


General Aptitude

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Practice Tests

Prepare for the GATE exam by taking practice tests that cover various topics and subtopics within the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) syllabus. Our extensive question bank provides a wide range of questions to help you enhance your understanding and problem-solving skills.

Live Tests

Participate in real-time live tests conducted by experts in the field. These tests simulate the actual GATE exam environment, allowing you to assess your performance under timed conditions. Instant feedback and comparative analysis help you identify your strengths and areas that require improvement.

Mock Tests

Take full-length mock tests designed to replicate the GATE exam pattern and difficulty level. These comprehensive tests assess your knowledge across all sections of the CSE syllabus. Detailed performance analysis and feedback enable you to track your progress and refine your exam strategy.

Create Questions

Contribute to the GATE CSE community by creating and sharing your own questions. This feature allows you to generate new questions based on the exam syllabus, enabling you to deepen your understanding of key concepts. Collaborate with other users and foster a vibrant learning environment.

My Questions

Organize and access your curated collection of questions within the platform. Bookmark questions, categorize them by topic, and create personalized question sets for focused revision. Easily review and revisit the questions you find most challenging or relevant to your preparation.

My Performance

Track and analyze your performance across various tests.Gain insights into your strengths and weaknesses, assess your progress over time, and identify areas that require additional attention.Detailed statistics,graphical-representations, and performance trends help you gauge your readiness for the GATE exam.


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